The Palace Bar and Rooftop

Horizontal version of our new CXD-15V speaker

The Palace Bar and Rooftop

Vertical version of our ND216 HP WP speaker and VLF115 speaker


The Palace

Infinite Audio Systems just finished a complete Sound Reinforcement for the entire venue, including the Rooftop replacing a dull-sounding Void speaker system with Crown amplifiers replacing them with the best equipment produced on this planet: Powersoft Amplifiers, Biamp's Tesira Server IO and Infinite's speakers.

Vertical version of our ND216 HP WP speaker installed next to our horizontal version of out VLF115 HPX WP Subwoofer located at the Palace's Roof Top
Our CEO, Lord Toussaint, with over 40 years of experience installing some of the best sound systems in the world standing next to the Palace's Bar state of the art Lowell rack powered by the best professional sound equipment available on this planet: Powersoft Amps, and a Biamp Tesira Server processor.