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New Infinite CXD-15V Speaker

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INFINITE | Leading the way for more than 40 years

About Us

“After four decades in this business we have a tremendous level of experience, affording us the know how to get your project done right the first time”

INFINITE is a full service Design/Build, Audio and Lighting contracting company.
Though we dominate the Nightclub and Hospitality Markets in South Florida, we have worked all over the world.

Our unique and extensive experience has enabled us to develop unparalleled capabilities in our industry.
Offering complete control  over the end result, our specialized manufacturing and focused product offering allow us to deliver superior results in real world applications.

While our competition often has little choice but to order from giant manufacturers making products overseas, we manufacture speaker systems that are designed to perform in the demanding world of the Nightclub, Hospitality, and Entertainment markets.

All of our products are proudly manufactured by us in the United States with European and American components.