Infinite Audio Systems replaced all Speakers

On June 2020, Infinite Audio Systems replaced all speakers and installed Infinite's ND 216 HP speakers and VLF 115 Subwoofers.  Raspoutine is frequented by the world’s most influential personalities, Raspoutine is a true international institution.

On the lively banks of Miami Beach, Raspoutine comes to life through a festive restaurant experience that turns into deep house party after midnight.

Inspired by the most grandiose codes of Russian architecture, intimate and sumptuous, Raspoutine is the place that welcomes who seeks vibration without moderation. A signature decor, with an abundance of detail and luxury, recognizable at the slightest glance.

The secretive meeting place for the privileged. A legendary club set in a theatrical ambiance, fruit of the extravagant imagination of the artist Erté, where deep house music and a select crowd fuse into a sensual dance of indulgence and exclusivity.

  • Raspoutine's House Party

  • Raspoutine is a true international institution