Church of Gesu: The First Catholic Church in Miami

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The challenging acoustical and architectural characteristics inside a traditional church make it more challenging to deliver an intelligible vocal quality with improved clarity and enough sound pressure level for all parishioners regardless of where they are seated. The acoustic reflections that are the result of the large room volume and hard boundary surfaces will make the spoken word difficult to understand and fail to deliver the all-important spiritual message.

That’s why The Church of Gesu chose Infinite Audio Systems to deliver a Complete Sound Reinforcement system solution for this historic landmark church located in Downtown, Miami. Only our 49 years of experience allowed us to place the new speakers in the best position inside the church to provide the desired result. The characteristics of the INFINITE ND216 HP

V4 Compact Full Range Speaker systems, resulted in superior clarity, better presence and significantly more efficient performance in delivering the word of God to this congregation. Infinite’s team hand-picked the best combination of Sennheiser microphones, wireless microphone receivers, INFINITE speaker systems, amplification and Biamp Systems Nexia digital signal processing to accomplish this challenging task in this church sound application.

The Church of Gesu now has an Intelligible Sound System Reinforcement System featuring INFINITE ND216 HP V4 full range speaker systems with VLF115 Low-Frequency augmentation foe extended response in choir and musical sound reinforcement.
INFINITE ND216 HP V4 speakers in lateral fill positions for improved intelligibility, authoritative
clarity and coverage for the spoken word, choral and musical performances