Chez Raspoutine Paris: Audio and Entertainment Lighting

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Without a doubt Chez Raspoutine in Paris, France, is one of the greatest and most iconic lounges in all of Europe. Located in Paris, France, they maintain a discriminating and elegant clientele. After many years with the original audio system, ownership opted to Upgrade Audio and Entertainment Lighting Systems, the choice was made to engage INFINITE SYSTEMS from Miami, FL, a highly specialized Nightlife Integrator and speaker systems manufacturer with a very unique skill set; making venues sound and look amazing. 

     With 49 years in the business, INFINITE was tasked with executing the project and completing it in less than 14 days. The INFINITE SYSTEMS team of seasoned industry veterans has completed operations in 13 U.S. states, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. Designing and integrating, robust, reliable and impressive Audio and Lighting systems for Nightlife and Hospitality is what we do, from Ibiza to Ecuador, from Tokyo to New York City. 

      The Raspoutine Audio system replacement upgrade was comprised of several different INFINITE speaker models from the NFM215 HP V2, 15” 2-way, combined with the VLF1 HPX ND dual 18” Very Low Frequency systems as the Dance Floor Core. All Dance Core perimeter coverage was assigned to the wildly popular ND216 HP V4, dual 6.5” full range slim line enclosures that are able to provide unprecedented clarity and sound pressure from a speaker that can easily integrate into low ceiling architectural environments, whilst providing an impressive big box output. These were combined with the latest VLF115 HPX ND extended response Very Low Frequency systems. The low ceiling Shot Bar was covered by the tiny INFINITE 3DX Mighty, which features a very wide coverage splay of dual 3” full range transducers. 

       INFINITE specified all Powersoft amplification, from the Concert Touring X4 for Very Low Frequency systems to the T Series 604 Touring for the Core and Quatrocanali and Ottocanali for distributed systems. All signal processing was easily handled by a Biamp Systems Tesira Server I-O Digital Signal Processor chassis. 

      Entertainment Lighting was handled entirely in the Cameo product line with the amazingly reliable and impressive AuroSpot Z300 Moving Head Spot fixtures on custom mounts and the over-the-top Cameo Zenit 600 Wash Light as a multi-purpose, strobe, bang and wash fixtures all in one at the booth stage Frontal.

INFINITE’s ND216 HP V4 at Raspoutine Bar and DJ booth as Monitors, replacing speakers twice their size.

View of DJ Monitors mounted to the low booth ceiling and Cameo’s AuroSpot Z300 Moving Heads in this view.