The Best Dance Clubs in America

Monday, 28, April , 2014 by

Rolling Stone Magazine features the Best Dance Clubs in America, including two of the dance clubs with sound systems designed and integrated by Infinite Systems. LIV, Miami Beach.  Capacity: 1,200 Like partying with celebs? Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay Z, Kanye West, George Clooney, Diddy and the entire Miami Heat all love this glittering groove palace. It’s the centerpiece of Miami Beach’s

LIV MIAMI BEACH 2013 total revenue: $45 million-$50 million Last year’s rank: The chic Miami hotspot inside the famed Fontainebleau Resort slipped back to fifth place, although it maintained a higher revenue than last time it held the spot, keeping steady with last year’s earning bracket. LIV—the Roman numerals for “54,” referring to Fontainebleau’s 1954

Three of the best five sound systems in Miami installed by Infinite Systems: Space, Liv, Story (formerly Amnesia). Full article:       ​